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Aura Digital Textile Printing

With more than 250 installations worldwide, Aura is now one of the biggest Digital Printing Machinery Company.
Below is the brief introduction about our Digital Textile Printing:
Textile Services Company is proud to be associated with Aura Digital Printing.
AURA is proud to introduce our series of Digital Textile Printers. We manufacture and supply Digital Textile Printers and complete solutions for Digital textile printing.
Based out of China; we are exporting to various countries but unlike other printer manufacturers we understand and cater to the needs specifically for the Textile Industry.
We have printers for Fashion textiles, Knitwear, Flag & Banner, Home Textiles, etc with different options and models to cater to Reactive / Acid, Pigment and Sublimation printing. We also supply complete Pre & Post printing equipment and inks to support our customers.
AURA’s main objective has always been to provide economical solutions with lower running and maintenance cost. We have successfully sold over 250+ of our units worldwide working with DX10 print heads. We are the only company in the world using these print heads on textiles printing. The cost of each head is below US$ 500 and is readily available in every market. 6 color technology / Higher speeds and most economical running cost are our main USP. Integrated with the best software like RIPMASTER & ERGOSOFT and positive ink pressure system delivers brilliant colors and high ink run-ability.
All our machines work with minimum 6 colors as for textile printing we feel it is very important to have SPOT / TONE colors with a combination of CMYK. There is a big Gamut difference and brilliance in colors just by adding 2 right colors to CMYK.

Main Advantages of our Machines

Economical print head & lower cost of spares compared to the competition.
Very Low maintenance.
No damper required in this machine.
High run-ability of inks.
Positive ink pressure system.
The Machine we recommend in Pakistan market is the following. You can also see the working video by clicking the link below.


Working video preview at : https://www.dropbox.com/s/g3n0hfdscwdlgk9/Aura%20GRAND-1.mp4?dl=0


Working video preview at : https://www.dropbox.com/s/g3n0hfdscwdlgk9/Aura%20GRAND-1.mp4?dl=0

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