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Longitudinal Hemming Machine.

  • Both sides sewing station steers independently by electrical photo sensor scanning pile line.
  • Both side trimming devices cut precisely selvedge outer.
  • Theorist output with PEGASUS is about 20m/min, at 3 stitches per cm.
  • Each sewing section is equipped with thread breaking detector and puller driving by AC motor and inverter.
  • Hem with is approx. 7-8mm and folded upwards.
  • Final fabric width is 30cm (minimum) and maximum width depends on customer’s request.
  • Fabric alignment device controlled by electrical photo sensor and dc motor and air cylinder.

  • Working Video of Bando Auto. Longitudinal Hemming Machine.


    Bando can sew up to 20 meters per minute with 8 stitches per inch.


    Bando has two independent edge-pulling systems. The speed of these systems can be controlled electronically, and because they work independently, even edges with different tension will be sewn properly.


    Bando picks up on changes to the edges and uneven seams on the towels, equipped with pullers for heavy fancy. Nothing is problem for Bando, because we are intelligent.


    Bando is assembled with the best quality parts, including high-performance Japanese Pegasus sewing heads. Latest Control System ,PLC, touch screen and Invertors. All spare parts can be easily supplied ,local service and maintenance by Textile Services Company.


    Bando has a unique system which folds the edges of all types of towels, table cloths and bed sheets in three folds before sewing. The fancy can be adjusted by using different folders.


    Bando Feeding Control System straightens the fabric as it comes from the stocking unit, and then sends it on to the sewing area.


    Bando digital screen equipped with the user friendly software easy to use software. We have icon display so operators can easily run the machine. It displays the speed of the machine, meters sewn, and the error if the machine stops. You can easily control machine functions from the digital screen.

    Cleaning System CLEANING SYSTEM

    Bando cutting system removes all excess on the borders before folding. The vacuum system then pulls the excess into the vacuum bin, keeping the area around the machine clean.


    Bando machine has a special feature which none other machine has, Bando can be run reverse if there is any repair on the go, thus no repair needed once fabric taken out from the machine, repairs are done on the spot.

    Longitudinal Slitting Machine

  • Automatic controlled fabric alignment device in connection with photo electronic fabric guide.
  • Number of cutting devices depending upon the number of textile width to be cut.
  • All cutters steer themselves automatically and are independent from each other.
  • The plain fabric strips are cut in the middle between the pile selvedges.
  • Variable electronic speed gear regulating average 30m/min, depending upon the fabric quality and number of fabric widths.

  • Working Video of Bando Auto. Length Cutting Machine.

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