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Emma CNC Leather Cutting Machine

Textile Services Company is pleased to inform you that we can supply you our state of the art Automatic Leather Cutting Machine with Nesting Technology , which can reduce your wastage up to 10% that means you can save a lot from leather cutting. Apart from saving expensive leather it will save you in terms of space and people handling. Now you can cut any shape without making its die. You can make new designs and can cut different / fancy shapes without any headache. This machine is also equipped with the punching head that can give you the punch all over

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Time Savings
  • An hour of work with our cutting system can replace between 4 and 6 hours of hand-cutting. In addition, you don’t have to waste time searching for the right pattern, since they are all digitally organized. Cutting, marking and punching are accomplished in minutes, not hours and days by hand!
  • Material Savings
  • Companies report a material savings of 5-10%. How? You can nest patterns on your computer with a bird’s eye view of all the patterns and experiment with different arrangements until you find the tightest nesting fit. Nesting can also be done automatically for even more time savings.
  • Accuracy
  • Improved accuracy begins with the ability to create perfect patterns. Patterns are then cut with a precision of half a millimeter. What will be the result? Sewers are provided with pieces that fit. They can produce a higher quality finished product in much less time.
  • Inventory Reduction
    Inventory Reduction
  • Our cutting system allows you to minimize cut inventory levels. Single or low ply cutters can quickly cut just what is needed for that day’s production. This translates into a quick response time and minimum cut inventory.
  • Organization
  • Automation will have a huge impact on your company’s organization. The computer, with back-ups, allows for secure pattern storage and quick retrieval. Revisions can be done in minutes. Patterns don’t get lost or worn out, and special markings never become difficult, or even impossible, to read.
  • Error Elimination
  • Consistently accurate cut pieces will mean no time wasted correcting mistakes.
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Pattern-makers appreciate the ease of input, design, and pattern modification. Cutters will enjoy a cleaner, safer work environment. Sewers appreciate the accurate, consistent patterns. No more stretching or squeezing to make corners meet!

    Simplicity of Design

  • We design with a minimum number of moving parts because moving parts tend to wear out over time;
  • Direct drive motors with rack and pinion provide for easy maintenance and maximum effectiveness;
  • Our smooth cutting motion reduces stress on a machine. Compare us to the competition. You can see and hear the difference!
  • We minimize hand-wiring and use more reliable pc boards whenever possible.
  • Modular design enhances reliability and makes systems upgradeable.
  • Optimum Strength to Weight Ratio

  • Weight is your reliability enemy, so we design high-strength, light-weight components. This reduces the forces on the system to a minimum, resulting in far less wear and much greater reliability. Light-weight equipment is simply a better solution.
  • We achieve heavy duty performance, without the heavy weight that destroys machinery. This translates into durability.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Wherever possible, we avoid components that need lubrication, in favor of rugged, low-wear alternatives.
  • Wherever possible, we avoid components that need lubrication, in favor of rugged, low-wear alternatives.
  • Our designs are simple enough for you to service and maintain yourself. It usually doesn’t take a technician to service the system.
  • With standard maintenance, you can expect years of trouble-free use.
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