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Flatbed Digital Printers

Flatbed Digital Printers

Textile Services Company is pleased to inform you that we can supply you our state of the art Digital Printing Machine specially designed for Football/Leather/Artificial Leather/ PU/Glass etc, please note our machine is supplied with special software which do not disturb the spherical projections of the design (this feature is to serve football industry only).
Please note we supply machines with complete after sales service and support, together we can protect the Industry of Pakistan.
We are specialist in Digital Printing of Football, Leather Bags, Leather Garments, Shoes, Glass Printing, Pena flax Printing, and Ceramic Tiles etc.
With our state of the art equipment you can do ANYTHING!

Football Panel Printing Video:

Our Digital Printing has many advantages over conventional printing.


This method of printing can boost the green credentials of any company. Unlike conventional printing, there are no pre-press stages between the digital document file and the final print, so there is no need for, film plates or photo chemicals.


Our Digital printing offers a quicker response time due to its minimal press setup. It simplifies the printing process, traditional plates and film are redundant, there is no press make-ready needed, no plate mounting, no registration adjustments and no ink keys. There are less steps and people involved in the printing process, and as result the final product can be delivered quicker.

Cost Effective

Enabling companies to make financial savings is another benefit offered by digital printing. Traditional printing services have always had quotas or minimum orders required when you used their services. However, because of the flexibility of the presses, digital printing companies do not have these sorts of boundaries, proving the freedom for the businesses and individuals to save and get the exact amount that they need.

Short Runs

Digital printing is the ideal method of producing short- to medium-runs in more effective ways than traditional print. Digital data is easily stored and updated; therefore changes are easily made either prior to printing or in the following batch. Digital printing allows more effective print management: there’s no need for bulk stock and no need to dump out of date stock.
“The short runs offered by digital print mean that companies can tailor their message to their audience. It is economic both in the sense of time and finance. Companies can produce what they want, when they want it, tailored to who they want to. It’s about delivering the right message, to the right people, at the right time,”.

Our Digital Printer is a Universal Printer it can print on Ceramic Tile as well, quality of printing is priceless, here is the video.

Ceramic Tile Printing Video.

Glass – Digital Printing.

We are specialist in supplying Glass – Digital Printing Machines with after sales service and support. Our machines are state of the art and a real peace of mind for the investor. Our Digital Printing Machine can print on the Glass. These glasses can be used for many purposes for example Room Partitions, Windows, Doors , Decoration etc.

Glass – Digital Printing.

  • Automatic controlled fabric alignment device in connection with photo electronic fabric guide.

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